I love the challenge of creating presentations that are interesting, relevant, and inspiring. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning with others. And I appreciate others sharing their knowledge and learning with me. I especially like having the excuse to attend a conference in another city, and if providing a presentation gives me that excuse, all the better!

I have given a number of presentations over the years. The time I spent as a Rural Routes Consultant for NorQuest College allowed me the opportunity to develop and present on many different topics at workshops and conferences. A good friend, Yvonne Stewart, and I worked together on a series of video conferencing workshops. I have taken a number of courses and workshops on presenting, which provided me with more opportunities to practice and develop my skills. And, I have had the privilege of presenting at conferences and symposiums. Still, after all this time, I enjoy presenting and eagerly anticipate the next time I’m able to work and deliver a high-quality presentation.

I am experienced at giving presentations via webinar as well. If you think any of the following topics would be suitable for your organization, please contact me at:

  • Using the computer to teach language authentically (Lightening Talk based on the Pecha Kucha format)
  • Adapting authentic computer tasks to different levels of ESL learners
  • Fun, practical, and hands-on ideas for ESL classrooms
  • Teaching pre-benchmark ESL learners

I also have a number of interactive presentations for ESL learners. Please contact me for a list of potential topics: